The Backup options in Quickbooks

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  • On May 31, 2017

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When I am conducting training on Quickbooks, I go over the options for backing up Quickbooks. I cannot stress the importance enough of backing up your Quickbooks application.  Here are the backup options for Quickbooks:

Manually back up the file.

To do this, choose File > Create Backup.  Select Online or Local Backup and set the options for your backup. When you            want to save your backup, select Save it now. If you do a Local Backup save it to a device on your computer such as a thumb drive, and store this off site.

Automatically back up the data file when closing Quickbooks.

To do this choose File Create Backup.  Select Online or Local Backup, and set the options for your backup.  When asked when you want to save your backup, select Only Schedule Future Backups. Select the box to Save Backup Copy Automatically When I Close My Company File and indicate how often you want this to happen.  Even if you schedule automatic back up’s, I suggest that once a month you perform a manual backup.

Schedule an unattended backup.

To do this, chose File Create Backup.  Select Online  or Local Backup, and set the options for your backup. When asked when you want to save your backup, select Only Schedule Future Backups. Click New to schedule regular backups of your company file.

I recently worked with a company who did not pay attention to their backups, and they had a backup that included bad data.  Lee Davis and Company can help you with all your Quickbooks needs.  Check us out on our website at


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