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The Services at Lee Davis and Company are your business essentials to get your books and business going in the right direction. If you are feeling overwhelmed with financial instability or disorganization, we are your company. In fact, we have the solutions you need, from bookkeeping to management services to position your business at the top. 

We work with all types of businesses. 

 Whether you’re getting ready to launch a brand new start-up or you have an established business, we have the financial services for you. For example, if you are a start-up, you might be looking for Quickbooks or business advising, but if you are a more established business, you might find our bookkeeping services and management services as a necessity.

Lee Davis and Company Services include: 


Accounts payable, accounts receivable, customer invoicing, expense management, monthly reconciliation and monthly financials.

Business Management and Advising

Proven business and bookkeeping advice and management from a trusted partner with over 30 years of business management experience.

Quickbooks Training and Support

Quickbooks training and support including setup, chart of accounts, customers and vendors, Forms, receivable and payables.

Why we love our company: 

We are proud of our services at Lee Davis and Company because we believe we offer vital services for the health of any business. That is what excites us about what we do. We are in the service of helping businesses grow. Thus our services at Lee Davis and Company can help your dreams become a reality. 

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“Let us help you make your dreams a reality.” 

I Was Looking For A Business Coach to Guide Me Through My Growing Business. 



New Business Start-up – Maybe you don’t know where to start. In fact, maybe you are feeling overwhelmed. Becuase we take care of many businesses and have helped a variety of businesses start from infantcy, we are ready to help you. 

Services we provide to new startups include: 

1. Business plan development

2. Quickbooks support

3. money savings strategies

4. business and accounting management.

Mature Businesses:

Accounts Payable (entry bill paying) – Do you need help paying your bills? Let us take care of your payments for you.

Accounts Receivable (entry invoicing deposits)- Are having trouble getting your bills out on time? Let us use the bill invoicing system and time tracking to assist you.

Bank Reconciliation – Are you having trouble reconciling your bank statements? Let us help you make bank reconciliation simple. 


Quickbooks Certified and Ready to Help

Quickbooks Desktop or Online – Do you need someone who can put you on the right track with Quickbooks Desktop or Quickbooks Online? 

What we offer for Quickbooks:

1. Quickbooks certified

2. Sales – Let us help you choose the right product. 

3. Set up and training, support and trouble shooting

4. Quarterly reconciliation

5. Quarterly financials

6. Expense management

7. Online document storage

8. Payroll

9. Training 

10. Data entry

Get the Right Info:

Financial Statements:

 In order to get your business to the next level, we need to assess your company’s financial health regularly. This is an easy thing to do using standard Quickbooks tools.

The financial tools at your disposal are: 

1. Balance Sheet

2.  Income Statement

3. Other in-depth reports  

Let us set up your financial statements to run for you automatically. With these statements you will be able to track your company’s progress daily, which makes it so much easie to know where you are in relationship to your goals. 

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Quickbooks Quick Tune Up Service –

You may have been using Quickbooks for a while or perhaps you are a brand new user. Whatever your situation may be, our tune-up shows you how to use Quickbooks to save you time and money and helps you get more out of Quickbooks.

Get on track with your Quickbooks and start making the financial decisions that are right for your company. 

Behind or Not Balanced

Maybe you are behind or your books aren’t balanced. We would love to help you get back on track. Give your books to us, and we will help things run smoothly again. 

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Need a part-time manager? 

Are you feeling like you love your business, but you don’t want to negotiate contracts or wrangle a customer for payment? Perhaps you just don’t know how to get the numbers going in the right direction. There is a lot to managing a business, and we have the experience you need to succeed. Lee has over 30 years of experience managing small businesses. He has the persistence, knowledge, skills and personality to run your business.

Learning From Our Customers:  

Furthermore, we have a wide range of experience through our businesses to serve you. Lee Davis and Company is learning every day by managing more and more companies. In fact, as a management company that services over 40 different companies, we have the unique opportunity to learn from a wide range of companies, which helps us better service our customers. 

The Benefits of Using Lee Davis and Company


Trusted partner focused on your businesses financial health

Business Advising

Immediate business assessment snapshot through Quickbooks

Quickbooks Training and Support

Lee Davis & Company is Quickbooks Certified

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    “I cannot begin to express my gratitude for Lee’s effort on behalf of the farm and its reboot!  He zeroed right in on what needed to be done. Lee was sooo wonderful to work with and totally able to take the ball and run toward the right goal posts.  I cannot thank him enough.”

    -Isabella (Boo) Marten, M.Ed.

    “Lee understands the many challenges faced by young businesses and has brought tremendous value to my business.”

    -Courtney Solod, Owner of Eclipse Training Center

    “I was looking for a business coach to guide me through my growing business. It was fortuitous that I met Lee. He was everything I was looking for…Friendly, accessible, knowledgeable. Lee really cares about my business and genuinely wants me to succeed. With his direction my business will grow to its fullest potential.”

    -Debra McLaughlin, Owner of Deb’s Decor, Home Staging and Interior Design

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