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Discouraged to Calm

Lee Davis and Company’s QuickBooks Training is here to help you move from discouraged and bewildered to competent and calm.

Lee Davis and Company QuickBooks Training courses are:

1. well-thought-out courses that have been taken by over 200 students.

2. Because of Lee’s experience teaching this course, you can be assured that your money is well spent when you sign up for our training course. 

Bewildered to Competent

Wouldn’t you like to be in control of your QuickBooks? You are not alone. Lee Davis and Company has over 40 clients who also need support to maintain control over their QuickBooks.

You might say, “But I don’t have the money for monthly bookkeeping services.” And, that’s where our training comes in. We want to give you the tools to find success managing your own business. The training materials that we have designed will help you to do just that.

How To Get In Touch

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What You Will Get From This Training

A few key details from the training!!!  

  • How to get started in planning you business

  • The basics of bookkeeping

  • How to set up your chart of accounts

  • What you will need to get your business organized

  •  4 key features of QuickBooks Self-Employed

  • Accounting Compliance – Understanding your numbers

QuickBooks Training Isn’t Just a Business

While the internet is brimming with training institutes, for us, at Lee Davis and Company, training is our passion. Helping others learn the useful skill of bookkeeping and QuickBooks is a true joy. 

Why does Lee Davis love QuickBooks training?

According to Lee:

He loves QuickBooks training because:

1. Lee Davis and Company QuickBooks training meets a clear need for people who are wanting to learn how to run their business. 

2. He loves working with small business entrepreneurs who are just starting their businesses, and through our training program, they find success. 

3. He is an accountant, and he can teach some basic accounting principles that help his students grasp Quickbooks. 

Quickbooks Training Courses Descriptions

First Course: Bookkeeping Foundations

1. We will cover the basic principles of bookkeeping from start to finish.

2. You will leave with a hands-on understanding of the best financial information needed for your accountant.

3. This course will allow you to correctly file your business taxes while saving money.

4. As an added bonus you will better understand how to prepare basic financial statements and prepare a basic cash flow statement.

Second Course: Beginning Quickbooks

1. Basic Accounting

2. Different Products in QuickBooks

3. Learn about Revenue, Invoicing, and Income Statements

4. How to move around in QuickBooks

Third Course: Intermediate Quickbooks

1. Learn to get setup, what various modules are, and how to choose your preferences

2. Learn what to do when you get stuck by problem-solving and troubleshooting

Fourth Course: Advanced Quickbooks

Our One-On-One training will give you the answers to YOUR unique questions in QuickBooks.

Where do you need help with your bookkeeping? 

Stay up to date with the latest tips & tools for business and QuickBooks.If you can’t make it to our QuickBooks Training, I want you to check out our blog where I write about tips for entrepreneurs, QuickBooks tips and personal development. It is our hope to support entrepreneurs achieve their dreams by giving them the financial advice and support they need to rock their business. 

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I’m Lee Davis

Lee formed Lee Davis & Company over 16 years ago. About five years ago, he began using his extensive business knowledge and experience to help New Hampshire businesses. He has a passion for helping new business startups and young entrepreneurs with their businesses by providing them with accounting expertise and Quickbooks help. Lee has more than 15 years of experience with QuickBooks and is QuickBooks Certified.

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We are proud of our products, and we want you to know how our customers feel about that.
    “I cannot begin to express my gratitude for Lee’s effort on behalf of the farm and its reboot!  He zeroed right in on what needed to be done. Lee was sooo wonderful to work with and totally able to take the ball and run toward the right goal posts.  I cannot thank him enough.”

    -Isabella (Boo) Marten, M.Ed.

    “Lee understands the many challenges faced by young businesses and has brought tremendous value to my business.”

    -Courtney Solod, Owner of Eclipse Training Center

    “I was looking for a business coach to guide me through my growing business. It was fortuitous that I met Lee. He was everything I was looking for…Friendly, accessible, knowledgeable. Lee really cares about my business and genuinely wants me to succeed. With his direction my business will grow to its fullest potential.”

    -Debra McLaughlin, Owner of Deb’s Decor, Home Staging and Interior Design

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