What is the value of doing a good job? Attraction. There are a lot of bookkeepers in the world, but how many of them are doing a good job? I’m not sure. There are probably quite a few good bookkeepers, but from what we have seen at Lee Davis and Company, there are quite a few bookkeepers that are not doing a good job.

This is true of most fields. It is hard to find a good… (fill in the blank). How many times have you heard that? I’m guessing quite a few times. Thus, I hypothesize that there are a lot of people doing an average job, but few doing a good job.

There are a lot of reasons for this.

  1. They don’t know they can do better. (think they can’t)
  2. They don’t know how to do better. (don’t have the right mentors)
  3. They don’t know why they should do better. (need a stronger “why”)
  4. They are not doing a job that is in their zone of genius. (not suited for bookkeeping)
  5. They don’t spend the time necessary to do a good job. (too overwhelmed with work)

This week’s How I Rocked the Week pertains to this because this week Lee cleaned up a company’s bookkeeping mess. By reading this post, I hope you can see the importance of doing a good job. There are many benefits to doing a good job. Read about those benefits at the bottom of the post.

How I Rocked the Week – Week of July 13th

Lee Davis and Company received a referral from a CPA firm last week. The company the CPA firm referred needed immediate help with their bookkeeping and business operations. They had been without their bookkeeper and had had two bookkeepers since loosing their full-time person. Lee was so happy about getting this referral because we specialize in helping companies who need to have their messes cleaned up.

Lee is trained in Quickbooks both the desktop and the online products. Thus, he has the skills necessary to fix the problems that led to the bookkeeping mess. To fix the problems, Lee went right to work and made a few changes to Quickbooks. The changes brought order and efficiency to the clients books. Lee was so happy that he had the necessary skills to fix the client’s problems and save him time with future bookkeeping.

Here is what our client has to say after working with Lee Davis and Company for only two days: “Thank you for your assistance this morning; it was a huge help, and thank you for all you accomplished so far in straightening out the mess all the bookkeepers left.” 

It is our experience that often times businesses need help because their bookkeeping is a mess. That’s where we come in. Lee Davis and Company specializes in creating organization through automating transactions and balancing peoples books.

This helps our clients get a handle on their finances, which helps them make decisions that will support future growth. Thus, we move our clients from scattered to organized to accomplished.

Our success in cleaning up messes has lead to many referrals and continues to fuel our business.

Could this be you? Are you having trouble balancing your books? Are you frustrated because you’re spending too much time on your bookkeeping? 

We can help you work on your business while you work in your business. 

Benefits of Doing a Good Job:

Lee has always made it his goal to work as hard for his clients as possible. That means that he goes above and beyond for his clients. In fact, this week he helped one of his clients move furniture, which isn’t in his job description!

The benefits of doing a good job are abundant.

“I can look my clients square in the eyes and tell them that the job is done.”, says Lee.

By doing a job well done, Lee Davis and Company can expect:

  1. Trust
  2. More business
  3. Respect
  4. Confidence
  5. Expanded business

If you hire Lee Davis and Company to do bookkeeping and more, you can expect the same for your business. We aim to grow your business into a more trustworthy business that garners respect and more business.

Lee Davis from Lee Davis and Company on the Value of Doing a Good Job
Lee outside

What can you expect from Lee Davis and Company? 

Lee Davis is the president of Lee Davis and Company. He prides himself in helping his clients make their dreams of running a successful business a reality. He has the tools and advice that will help you, the client, get to the next level. 

What services can you find at Lee Davis and Company? 

  1. Bookkeeping Services
  2. Small Business Advising 
  3. Quickbooks Training
  4. Management Services

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