If you are looking for a job and have experience with admin work, bookkeeping and sales, we would love to hire you. Here is what we are looking for!

Job Description – Admin/Sales/Bookkeeping for Lee Davis & Company


  • Grow the overall program to deliver 9 Zoom classes a year 
  • Responsible for coordinating and marketing courses, finding 10 students for each session
  • Work with our team to develop the delivery of individual mini courses for purchase
  • Assist the team in making a better product using all technology available
  • Learn and grow the training business.


  • Prior experience with Quickbooks desktop and online products or be willing to be trained by Lee Davis and Company and seek additional training on your own time
  • On site client work with special projects inside Quickbooks
  • Cleaning up messes, working with Lee to develop systems and protocols to complete projects from start to finish in a cost effective manner.
  • Provide bookkeeping and financial services to new clients and support our existing clients
  • Lee Davis and Company will provide training and help with certification. We, however, do not provide training hours that are not considered billable to the client.
  • Within six months you must pass the certification for Quickbooks desktop and online


  • will require work at least four days a week in my Peterborough office.
  • will start at a hourly-pay rate of $18.00 
  • has an opportunity for an incentive bonus if fill courses.  
  • After the first 90 days, you will have an opportunity to increase the hourly rate by showing that you understand the clients and their financial performance.

Our ideal candidate:

Someone who:

  1. Has the above experience
  2. Is looking to grow and learn
  3. Likes creative pursuits
  4. Is interested in small business development

Does this sound right up your ally?

Respond to this post, or email Lee at [email protected].