Do you need help solving business problems like an expert?

If you want to run a successful business, you need to become a problem solving expert. In a business, there is no end to the problems that you will face. Perhaps you are smooth sailing, and then COVID-19 hits, that’s when you need a problem-solver-in-chief.  Thus, successful businesses have expert problem solvers at their helm. 

Become a Problem Solving Expert

This post is going to walk you through how to become that expert-problem-solver-in-chief. Are you ready? 

According to Business Insider, there are nine steps to becoming a problem solver, which they borrowed from Brian Tracy and his book, The Power of Self-Discipline

  1. Define the problem.
  2. Understand that somethings are not problems but “facts of life”. 
  3. Look at the problem from all angles. 
  4. Question the cause of the problem as many ways as possible. 
  5. Identify many solutions. 
  6. Find a solution that can be implemented quickly. (maybe not the best, but most expedient)
  7. Make a decision. 
  8. Decide roles to solve the problem. 
  9. Set a deadline to measure the solution. 

Let’s look at a real life example of problem solving in action: 

1. Define the Problem:

I am 15 pounds overweight. 

2. Is it a fact of life?

No, being overweight is caused by a lack of exercise and overeating. 

3. Look at the problem from all angles:

Being 15 pounds overweight: 

  1. causes me to feel bad about myself
  2. gives me less credibility as a Life Coach
  3. wastes my time and brain power because I am constantly thinking about that
  4. is something unfinished in my life

4. Why – Why am I overweight?

  1. I eat a lot of desserts. 
  2. I eat while I make food. 
  3. My exercise isn’t very intense. 
  4. I eat because I want to feel good. (emotional eating)

5. My solution:

  1. Go very hard losing weight for 2 months (September to October) to lose 15 pounds (goal weight – 125 pounds)
  2. Intermittent fasting, only eating at certain specific times during the day
  3. Pray when I feel hungry
  4. Exercise for 6 five-minute mini workouts during the day
  5. Exercise for an hour in the morning and 30 minutes at night
  6. Only eat on a small plate during dinner time and a cup during snack time. 
  7. No desserts for two months 
  8. Only make food 3 days a week
  9. Exercise hard for three days, and then take a relaxed day 
  10. I will not finish Margaret’s meals ever. She is responsible for that. 
  11. Continue on with my current way of eating and exercise, but have Margaret monitor my overeating.

6. I think I can implement all of these solutions. 

7. All of these decisions are necessary for my success. 

8. I need help. 

  1. I have asked my daughter to monitor my eating. Thus, I have asked her to remind me to not eat nuts or desserts. 
  2. Furthermore, I will blog about my weight-loss journey on my website to get more accountability. 
  3. I will also ask Margaret to finish her meals. If she doesn’t, I will put them in the trash. 
  4. Exercise accountability is also a problem at times. I can justify skipping an exercise session to work, but because I have committed to do a block of two months of work to become more fit, so this is my sprint to become more fit, so perhaps I can blog about my exercise as well on my blog. Sometimes friends are not encouragements to me because they give up as well. 

9. Set my deadline to lose weight.  October 31st 

Success Measurements: 125 pounds, 26-inch waist

Follow-up: How did it go?

Well, loosing weight as I prescribed for myself didn’t go very well. I didn’t get enough protein to support my exercise, so I couldn’t sustain the weight-loss challenge.

When I did decide to take a break from the challenge, I ate more protein and food than I should have. I am still a little nervous about checking the scales, but I can safely say that I didn’t make my goal.

This exercise to lose weight was not in vain.

Deciding to go through the process of trying to lose weight…

  1. taught me to implement strategies right way.
  2. gave me an idea – get Margaret to stop me if I’m overeating. I have been using this strategy.
  3. supported that what I am doing right now is the best course of action.
  4. gave me more compassion for people who go on diets.
  5. confirmed that what I have been doing is a great way to stay fit.
  6. taught me that loosing weight quickly is not a good strategy.

If you want to read more about my weight loss journey, check out my Goal of the week to lose 5 pounds in a week.

Coaching Sheet at Lee Davis and Company

Check out our Coaching Sheet at Lee Davis and Company that helps us work through our client’s problems.

Example of Solving Business Problems Like an Expert at Lee Davis and Company

This is from Lee Davis on “How He Rocked the Week” –

We were working with a client this week, and the client had a problem they couldn’t solve.

It doesn’t matter what the particular situation is because every problem presents an exciting challenge for us. Furthermore, it was exciting because solving problems is what we do.

Clients call us because they have a problem, and we are happy to solve it.

You might ask how we solve problems. 

Solving the problem requires getting all the information and bringing the necessary parties together.

This task took a couple of weeks to solve. It involved working with people, technology, skill building and persistence.

What did we learn?

Having a company that is committed to learning, brainstorming and taking responsibility for the solution will bring about positive results. We further learned that we take our learning with us to use in our next assignment.

What can you expect from Lee Davis and Company? 

Lee Davis is the president of Lee Davis and Company. He prides himself in helping his clients make their dreams of running a successful business a reality. He has the tools and advice that will help you, the client, get to the next level. 

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