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The goal of the Lee Davis and Company Blog is to keep you updated on all things Quickbooks and ideas to improve your business. We will update the Lee Davis and Company blog every other week, so stay tuned for our updates.

Blogging Topics

Lee Davis and Company Blog explores all kinds of different topics from business advice, to personal development, to Quickbooks tips. It is our hope that you will use our blog as a way to grow as a person and entrepreneur. 

Business Advice

Lee Davis has over 30 years of experience managing businesses, both large and small and in a variety of industries. If you need advice for your business, this is a good blog to get it from. Find out more about Lee Davis. 

Learning from his clients:

As the president of Lee Davis and Company, Lee works with 40 different companies in Quickbooks, business advising and business management. This give him the unique opportunity to learn from his clients, which continually adds to his experience and knowledge about small businesses. 

Personal Development

Megan Davis is the primary blogger of the Lee Davis and Company blog. As a blogger on her blog,, she blogs about personal development.

Transferring personal development to the business world: 

Thus, she takes what she has learned from her blog and brings that to the Lee Davis and Company Blog. She loves using what she has learned in personal development and applying it to the business world. She truly believes that there is nothing that you can’t achieve if you have the right teacher and motivation. 

Quickbooks Tips

Lee Davis, as a Quickbooks Pro-Advisor, is an expert on Quickbooks. In fact, he teaches training courses on Quickbooks. If you can’t make it to those, you should check out our blogs on some of our students and clients issues with Quickbooks.

Learning from your questions:

Because Lee answers all of his students and clients questions about Quickbooks, he is very familiar with any problems you might have with Quickbooks. Thus, he writes about common problems on this blog. 

Meet our Blogger: Megan Davis

Megan is a blogger for where she blogs about her personal development. She is also a Life Coach, using what she has learned from personal experimentation and expert advice to help her clients achieve their dreams. She loves blogging for Lee Davis and Company because it give her an opportunity to explore business and the world of Quickbooks, bookkeeping and accounting. 

The Value of Doing a Good Job

What is the value of doing a good job? Attraction. There are a lot of bookkeepers in the world, but how many of them are doing a good job? I’m not sure. There are probably quite a few good bookkeepers, but from what we have seen at Lee Davis and Company, there are quite a few bookkeepers that are not doing a good job.

This is true of most fields. It is hard to find a good… (fill in the blank). How many times have you heard that? I’m guessing quite a few times. Thus, I hypothesize that there are a lot of people doing an average job, but few doing a good job.

There are a lot of reasons for this.

  1. They don’t know they can do better. (think they can’t)
  2. They don’t know how to do better. (don’t have the right mentors)
  3. They don’t know why they should do better. (need a stronger “why”)
  4. They are not doing a job that is in their zone of genius. (not suited for bookkeeping)
  5. They don’t spend the time necessary to do a good job. (too overwhelmed with work)

This week’s How I Rocked the Week pertains to this because this week Lee cleaned up a company’s bookkeeping mess. By reading this post, I hope you can see the importance of doing a good job. There are many benefits to doing a good job. Read about those benefits at the bottom of the post.

How I Rocked the Week – Week of July 13th

Lee Davis and Company received a referral from a CPA firm last week. The company the CPA firm referred needed immediate help with their bookkeeping and business operations. They had been without their bookkeeper and had had two bookkeepers since loosing their full-time person. Lee was so happy about getting this referral because we specialize in helping companies who need to have their messes cleaned up.

Lee is trained in Quickbooks both the desktop and the online products. Thus, he has the skills necessary to fix the problems that led to the bookkeeping mess. To fix the problems, Lee went right to work and made a few changes to Quickbooks. The changes brought order and efficiency to the clients books. Lee was so happy that he had the necessary skills to fix the client’s problems and save him time with future bookkeeping.

Here is what our client has to say after working with Lee Davis and Company for only two days: “Thank you for your assistance this morning; it was a huge help, and thank you for all you accomplished so far in straightening out the mess all the bookkeepers left.” 

It is our experience that often times businesses need help because their bookkeeping is a mess. That’s where we come in. Lee Davis and Company specializes in creating organization through automating transactions and balancing peoples books.

This helps our clients get a handle on their finances, which helps them make decisions that will support future growth. Thus, we move our clients from scattered to organized to accomplished.

Our success in cleaning up messes has lead to many referrals and continues to fuel our business.

Could this be you? Are you having trouble balancing your books? Are you frustrated because you’re spending too much time on your bookkeeping? 

We can help you work on your business while you work in your business. 

Benefits of Doing a Good Job:

Lee has always made it his goal to work as hard for his clients as possible. That means that he goes above and beyond for his clients. In fact, this week he helped one of his clients move furniture, which isn’t in his job description!

The benefits of doing a good job are abundant.

“I can look my clients square in the eyes and tell them that the job is done.”, says Lee.

By doing a job well done, Lee Davis and Company can expect:

  1. Trust
  2. More business
  3. Respect
  4. Confidence
  5. Expanded business

If you hire Lee Davis and Company to do bookkeeping and more, you can expect the same for your business. We aim to grow your business into a more trustworthy business that garners respect and more business.

Lee Davis from Lee Davis and Company on the Value of Doing a Good Job
Lee outside

What can you expect from Lee Davis and Company? 

Lee Davis is the president of Lee Davis and Company. He prides himself in helping his clients make their dreams of running a successful business a reality. He has the tools and advice that will help you, the client, get to the next level. 

What services can you find at Lee Davis and Company? 

  1. Bookkeeping Services
  2. Small Business Advising 
  3. Quickbooks Training
  4. Management Services

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Adding Customers in Quickbooks

Adding customers in Quickbooks is an essential tool that Quickbooks offers, but I fear that many of my clients either don’t use the tool or don’t use it to its full potential. Thus, because I want to help more people use Quickbooks to its full potential, I would like to share with you how to add customers in Quickbooks.

Your Customer List is the list that will display sale forms (sales orders, estimates, invoices, sales receipts) and accounts receivable. Here are some steps that will help you get this very important task completed in Quickbooks.

Adding Customers in Quickbooks

1. To add a Customer

There are multiple ways to do almost anything in Quickbooks. To access the Customer Center, you have four options:

How to:

   1. Click Customers from the left hand or top icon (depending) on your View settings)

   2. Choose Customer Center from the Customers drop down in the menu bar.

   3. From the Home Screen, click on the blue Customers tab in the Customers section.

   4. Press CTRL+J

2. New Customer & Job

How to: Click the New Customer & Job Menu button, and than choose New Customer.

3. Customer Name

Definition: In the Customer Name field enter the name of the customer as you’d like to see it appear on your Customer & Job List. 

Tip: – Instead of filling in the Customer Name field, fill in the Company Name field, and it will populate the Customer Name field for you.

4. Opening Balance

How to: Press Tab in the Opening Balance field to leave this field blank.

Definition: The Opening Balance field tells you how much each customer owes you on your start date.

Why: The reason you need to use this field is that when you enter the rest of your transactions from the day after your start date, all balances since your start date will be accurate.

Tip: You should enter individuals outstanding invoices one by one whenever possible, rather than entering the outstanding balance owned in the Opening Balance field. (This will allow you to enter payments and be able to apply those payments to the open invoices.)

5. Complete Customer contact information

Tip: Pay close attention to getting the correct email addresses from your customers.

Sending your Invoices  & Customer Statements by email, will ensure you are paid as quickly as possible and your customers will enjoy the convenience of receiving an electronic invoice.

Conclusion – Adding Customers to Quickbooks

I hope this helps you understand adding Customers to Quickbooks. My goal with this blog and my training company is to help entrepreneurs use Quickbooks to better understand their business, so that I can help entrepreneurs strengthen their businesses.

Lee Davis - President of Lee Davis and Company
Lee Davis – President of Lee Davis and Company

What can you expect from Lee Davis and Company? 

Lee Davis is the president of Lee Davis and Company. He prides himself in helping his clients make their dreams of running a successful business a reality. He has the tools and advice that will help you, the client, get to the next level. 

What services can you find at Lee Davis and Company? 

  1. Bookkeeping Services
  2. Small Business Advising 
  3. Quickbooks Training
  4. Management Services

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We are hiring an admin!

If you are looking for a job and have experience with admin work, bookkeeping and sales, we would love to hire you. Here is what we are looking for!

Job Description – Admin/Sales/Bookkeeping for Lee Davis & Company


  • Grow the overall program to deliver 9 Zoom classes a year 
  • Responsible for coordinating and marketing courses, finding 10 students for each session
  • Work with our team to develop the delivery of individual mini courses for purchase
  • Assist the team in making a better product using all technology available
  • Learn and grow the training business.


  • Prior experience with Quickbooks desktop and online products or be willing to be trained by Lee Davis and Company and seek additional training on your own time
  • On site client work with special projects inside Quickbooks
  • Cleaning up messes, working with Lee to develop systems and protocols to complete projects from start to finish in a cost effective manner.
  • Provide bookkeeping and financial services to new clients and support our existing clients
  • Lee Davis and Company will provide training and help with certification. We, however, do not provide training hours that are not considered billable to the client.
  • Within six months you must pass the certification for Quickbooks desktop and online


  • will require work at least four days a week in my Peterborough office.
  • will start at a hourly-pay rate of $18.00 
  • has an opportunity for an incentive bonus if fill courses.  
  • After the first 90 days, you will have an opportunity to increase the hourly rate by showing that you understand the clients and their financial performance.

Our ideal candidate:

Someone who:

  1. Has the above experience
  2. Is looking to grow and learn
  3. Likes creative pursuits
  4. Is interested in small business development

Does this sound right up your ally?

Respond to this post, or email Lee at [email protected]

Growth Mindset Development

Growth mindset. You hear that phrase everywhere, but what does it mean? It means that you believe you can grow. It’s simple but powerful. Now, why is this something you have to intentionally develop? There are a lot of negative forces bearing down on you that try to say that you can’t grow and change, but if you believe you can change, you will change. Mindset is everything.

Therefore, push for the stars by believing that you can grow. Yes, you have limits, but your attitude needs to be, “Today I can learn something new. Today I can get just a little bit better at that thing that I’m not good at.” If you believe that, you have a growth mindset.

Entrepreneurship is the ultimate way to develop a growth mindset. This is because you will be forced to do things out of your comfort zone, just because you are the only one who can do it. Does this mean that you have to be perfect at everything? No, but it does mean that you will get better at a lot of things that you shied away from in the past.

Do things that scare you.

What scares you? Go towards it. If public speaking frightens you, spend every week working on your public speaking. The better you get at that particular skill, the more you will believe in yourself. This will help you develop a growth mindset. With a growth mindset, entrepreneurs can do anything. Without a growth mindset, you are confined to a box, which limits your potential as an entrepreneur.

Growth Mindset at Work at Lee Davis and Company

At Lee Davis and Company, we believe that our clients are all special and unique and that each one of them has something to contribute to the world. We would like to help you develop a growth mindset, which will bring your company to the next level.

Lee Davis and Company is focused on supporting their clients in business and bookkeeping so that you can grow your business beyond your wildest dreams.

We hope this posts inspires you to try new things. Erase the word “can’t” from your vocabulary and replace it with “can do that better”.

Rocking the Week of July 5th

Lee had an adventure with a client that needed her payroll files retrieved from Quickbooks. The client had maxed out her storage space on her Windows computer and wasn’t able to do a backup of her Quickbooks file. 

Lee is a man of many hats in his business.

Although Lee is not an IT specialists, he is called on to fix messes, which require utilizing the tools within Quickbooks to retrieve his clients computer files. Solving problems that involve computers is not the kind of work that Lee is used to doing; it is out of his comfort zone. But, because Lee is an entrepreneur and wants to do everything that he can to help his clients. Thus, he used his training, for both the desktop and online Quickbooks products, to retrieve the client’s Quickbook files on her computer. 

A CPA once told Lee the strength of his company is that he knows how to work within Quickbooks and utilize the tools and resources Intuit offers Pro-Advisors. Thus, in this instance, Lee was able to use Quickbooks to solve the clients problem by retrieving lost information. By doing so, Lee was able to pay the client’s employee and transfer her files to the cloud. 


What Lee learned this week is that no matter the obstacle, he will work to solve the problem. By having a positive attitude and utilizing all the resources at his disposal, he can take on any challenge. This week at the end of the day, Lee had a very happy client, and Lee felt a sense of accomplishment. 

Lee hopes that you learn from his experience and try to tackle those tasks that you’re not comfortable with. For Lee, working out of his comfort zone meant that he gained more confidence in his skills as an entrepreneur. He hopes the same for you.

What new thing are you going to do today?

Tips on Developing a Growth Mindset

How will you push yourself to be growth minded? There are so many things you could do. Start with something little. Exercise, for example, is a good way to build a growth mindset. Do a kind of exercise that you didn’t think was possible. Work on it every day and document your progress. Every time you make progress towards your goal, remind yourself that you are making progress and that you didn’t think you could do that before.

Growth = Happiness

Human beings need to feel like they are making progress. In fact, that’s where true happiness lies. Therefore, go out, grow your business and be happy. Bless this world by making your business as amazing as we know you can.

What can you expect from Lee Davis and Company? 

Lee Davis is the president of Lee Davis and Company. He prides himself in helping his clients make their dreams of running a successful business a reality. He has the tools and advice that will help you, the client get to the next level. 

What services can you find at Lee Davis and Company? 

  1. Bookkeeping Services
  2. Small Business Advising 
  3. Quickbooks Training

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Main Street Relief Fund Peace

Recently, Lee helped his clients fill out the Main Street Relief Fund application, and he had some things to say about that. Watch the video to find out how he helped his clients fill out the Main Street Relief Fund application. It was a pleasure for Lee to help his clients in yet another way.

You might be stressed out about all of the hoops you have to go through to keep your business afloat during these times. That’s where Lee Davis and Company comes in. Lee not only helps his clients with their bookkeeping, he also helps them with a wide array of services, including helping them filling out government paper work for loans.

Rocking the Week of June 13th

This week Lee’s focus was on helping businesses open.  By doing this he enabled businesses to continue making their dreams a reality. 

Main Street Relief Fund

He helped over eight business take the next steps to recovery by assisting them in applying for the Main Street Relief Fund. 

Completing the pre-application was essential to get to the application process. To complete the the pre-application, he had to project their revenue for the year.  

Lee worked closely with his clients to finish the application process. 

Do you need help during this time?

Can Lee help you? Are you finding it difficult to navigate the hurdles of recovering from the crisis? While we all want this to be over, there may be hurdles yet to come. Find more peace today by contacting Lee to help you during this time. 

Lee Davis and Company helps small businesses and solo entrepreneurs by partnering with them for success.

What can you expect from Lee Davis and Company?

Lee Davis is the president of Lee Davis and Company. He prides himself in helping his clients make their dreams of running a successful business a reality. He has the tools and advice that will help you, the client get to the next level.

What services can you find at Lee Davis and Company?

  1. Bookkeeping Services
  2. Small Business Advising
  3. Quickbooks Training


You might find yourself wondering how to fix errors in QuickBooks. You might not know where to start, which might make you want to give up because you keep getting an error. Please, don’t do that!

There are many QuickBooks errors that are easy to fix. Thus, you just need a little coaching, and presto, you are ready to fix errors in Quickbooks. So, read this post on how to fix errors in Quickbooks, and you will be well on your way to better books!

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Adding Customers into Quickbooks should be easy, but you would be surprised by how many of my clients have trouble with this task. Therefore, I have come up with step by step instructions on just how you should be adding customers into Quickbooks. After reading this guide, I hope you will be confident in adding customers into Quickbooks.

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It might be easy for you to find a bookkeeper, but how do you know they are the right bookkeeper? Since you might have many choices, you must know some criteria to judge who is the right bookkeeper for your business. That’s what this post is all about.

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Are you looking to get your SBA loan approved? At the start of this process, looking for some advice on how to get an SBA loan approved is a good idea.

Why? Well, you just don’t want to make the mistakes others have made when applying for an SBA loan. You might already know that, and that’s why you have found this post.

Learn from my experience of getting my SBA loan approved. I will make the steps clear, which will help you also get your loan approved.

From start to finish, there are several steps in the SBA loan process. Even after receiving the initial approval, there are still a few requirements.

In my case, upon completion of the business plan, loan application, and meeting with the loan officer, I had to wait several days to hear the good news that my loan had been tentatively approved and that I had an excellent credit score.  

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